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Dec 31, 2012 11:00am EST
'm bob. >> forgetting someone's name at a holiday party. what's it like for you, ike? >> embarrassing. >> that's what chester santos is trying to cure. as a former national memory champion he teaches memory workshops. >> always shake the hand and immediately repeat the name. nice to meet you, bob. at the same time i try to ask myself if there is any association i can think of. >> in my case he imagined me, bob, bobbing for apples then attaches that to a unique feature like my hair or lack of it. next time we meet my name is locked in place. >> nice to meet you bob. >> you have a nice chest. chester. >> to see if the technique works we showed chester pictures of 24 people. he didn't know. >> my brother. my other brother. >> gave him five minutes to memorize all 24 names. >> i'm pretty much done. >> and recall them. >> who is this? >> domenic. >> in random order. >> lily. >> timothy. alexandra. gerald. steve. it's a skill that anyone can develop. >> if not, there's always plan b. >> i always do say, i'm maureen murphy. i'm sorry. i forgot your name. >> thanks, megan. nice meeting you. >
Dec 28, 2012 11:00am EST
to bring in mr. bob packer. you're a small business owner in herndon, virginia. tell me real quick, if there's no how will it affect your business? >> if tax rates income it will affect me a number of ways. it will hammer my ability to invest in equipment and hire new people. my individual tax rate will increase and that will put additional strain on an already financially-constrained environment and taxes will increase on my customers and that will prevent them from buying my products which reduces my revenue which, in turn, reduces the tax revenue. >> that being said, the small business owner community is very big but a lot of you guys know each other. what is the consensus? what is the talk among you guys about what's going on right now? >> i've worked with a lot of small business owners and i think really, a vast majority of those owners are in favor of keeping the tax cuts in place. they're also in favor of letting them expire on the wealthiest of vitds in this country and we think that's what's going to stimulate the economy. >> mr. packer we thank you for your time, again. e
Dec 17, 2012 11:00am EST
in to the news4 newsroom. virginia governor bob mcdonald announced he's ordering his secretary of public safety to do a state wide safety audit in the wake of the newtown shooting. based on what they find he'll decide if add safety measures need to be taken. >>> this morning we're learning more about the first victim of friday's massacre. the gunman's own mother. all four of the guns that adam lanza took with him to the school belonged to his mother, nancy. people who knew nancy lanza say that they didn't find it unusual for the divorced mother to have several guns, mainly for protection. adding she sometimes enjoyed shooting with her sons. this morning on the "today" show, friends said she had mentioned several times that her son suffered from asperger's syndrome adding that she was a very caring mother and friend. >> she always made herself available to adam and his needs. he came first clearly with her. >> nancy was very caring friend. she was extremely kind and very, very generous. >> some friends have commented that lanza felt her son's condition was worsening. others say that if she was s
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3